Everything You Need To Know About When Volleyball Season Is

Volleyball is our favorite season and it is year round! Whether you are a teenage player wondering when they can play next or you are an adamant volleyball fan who wants to watch as much of the sport as possible, there is volleyball going on pretty much every day of the year.

A quick breakdown of the volleyball seasons:

MonthStage Of Volleyball Season
JulyHigh School volleyball conditioning and some varsity tryouts
August-NovemberTryouts typically begin in early August, and the regular season follows
October-AprilClub volleyball season
May-JuneAAU volleyball season
June-JulyVolleyball summer camp season

High School Volleyball Season Is In The Fall

Cookie Mitchell leads her high school team to victory

Tryouts for high school volleyball are typically in the late summer or early fall. You can generally expect the coach to run a conditioning program for several weeks before that.

High school volleyball tryouts are usually spread out over a period of three to five days where the coach makes several rounds of cuts. It can be a very long process for anxious hopeful players wondering if their skills will cut it. If you are wondering how to prepare for high school volleyball tryouts and what to expect, be sure to read our article on tryout preparation.

The actual indoor high school season in most states runs August-November, with the state finals being in early to mid November. The season is between 8-12 weeks long. Most teams do not make it that far into the late season. The majority of teams will play until mid October and complete their season.

High school volleyball differs from club in the sense of camaraderie, high school teams tend to be more close knit because the team goes to school together and players generally share classes, or live close to each other.

In terms of the season itself, it is shorter than club, but wow is it intense! High school practices are every day M-F and will sometimes have two games a week. In a 12 week season some teams can pack in over 25 games, though some of these do come from weekend tournaments.

Club Volleyball Is In The Spring

While the majority of club volleyball is in the spring, Tryouts are pushed back to when varsity competitions are winding down in mid October. The tryout process for club volleyball is much faster than that of a high school team. The club typically decides on its athletes in an afternoon. The tryout will usually not last more than 3 hours, though every club organization runs their tryout process differently.

I have seen clubs do open gym one night a week for several weeks leading up to their tryout. This is one of the ways they get away with such a short tryout. If the player didn’t already play for the club in prior years the directors can usually get a feel for a player after one night of open gym. If you are a player trying out for a new club DEFINITELY attend their open gyms to gain exposure to their coaches.

The club volleyball season will generally run from late October through April. Club programs are typically sought after by athletes who wish to play volleyball at a college or university. For this reason most club volleyball teams are more competitive than the average high school team.

Club volleyball is a long season filled with an average three practices a week. Teams will travel to tournaments A LOT over that 6 month season. Most of the club teams I have coached for in recent years have traveled on average two weekends out of the month.

Most club volleyball tournaments will be within a few hours drive of where your club is located, dependent on what part of the country you live in. Some however will necessitate flying or spending the better part of 24 hours in the car.

AAU Nationals Is In The Summer

When the club volleyball season draws to a close, the preteen and teenage volleyball players will typically continue to practice with their club team or a modification of that team (some players want a break) as they practice for one final tournament, AAU Nationals.

The AAU Nationals tournament is typically held in the last two weeks of June and teams begin practicing for it in early May. This is usually a good way to get athletes extra exposure to colleges.

AAU Nationals is held in sunny Orlando, FL at the ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex. It is the largest volleyball event in the world. In 2019 the tournament brought in over 2,300 teams on 160 courts with over 41,000 participants. More than that they had over 600 college recruiters. This tournament is huge for the tens of thousands of college hopeful athletes who attend.

College Volleyball Is In The Fall

The collegiate volleyball season runs parallel to that of high school. NCAA volleyball generally begins in late August and the NCAA Women’s Finals are held the second week of December.

Though their season is only a few months, college players practice year round to stay in peak physical performance.

College volleyball is a test of a players dedication to the sport. Not only are these athletes full time students they practice every day. Generally a college volleyball player will have morning strength and conditioning workouts followed by an afternoon sport focused practice.

Middle School Volleyball Season Is In The Fall

Middle school volleyball starts slightly after high school volleyball in October and runs through November. It is shorter than high school season but only by a few weeks. Middle school volleyball is between 8 and 10 weeks depending on where the school is located.

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