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Why You NEED To Make A Recruiting Video If You Want To Play College Volleyball

What would an athletic scholarship mean to your athlete and family? A recruiting video can be a valuable resource for helping your student athlete play for the school of their dreams!

For some players, a college scholarship can make the difference between being able to afford higher education or going straight into the workforce after graduation. The average price of a 4 year education is over $120,000 in 2020 which is well out of reach for many.

The recruiting process is highly competitive in this day and age. Volleyball coaches at the D1 level receive 200+ emails EVERY. DAY.

This is on top of running two a day practices, strength and conditioning programming, scheduling team events, traveling to games, preparing a lineup and watching their team’s film (and remember most of these coaches also have families of their own). Saying these coaches are busy would be a huge understatement.

Because of their ever demanding schedules, coaches are visiting games less and less and utilizing virtual resources. Let’s talk about how the recruiting process has evolved in the last 10 years.

How Recruiting Works In 2020

Prior to the internet, coaches were forced to travel to watch potential recruits in the flesh. This is simply not how the majority of recruiting is accomplished anymore. Coaches, scouts and recruiters are increasingly turning to online recruiting to fill their rosters. Therefore YOU need to reach out to them, and in a way that grabs their attention and doesn’t waste their time.

Why Use A Professional Videographer

Volleyball coaches around the world receive 50-300 emails per day depending on how renowned their program is. So how do you get that D1 coach’s attention when they are being sought after by hundreds of recruits every day?

The answer is a well written email that is short and to the point, which also has a link to a kick a** recruiting video. Specifically one with excellent footage showcasing the athlete’s skills.

If you are not an expert at editing film and recruiting, it’s probably not worth your time to make a recruiting video yourself, here’s why. A poorly made video is going to bore whoever is watching it, let alone a coach who watches 40+ videos per day.

Our professional videographer’s have 5+ years of experience not only in video editing, but in sport specific videography and recruiting videos.

Making a recruiting video entails far more than simply stringing together video clips. You want to make sure whoever is making this video knows what college coaches are looking for and gives them that information efficiently.

“I’m so glad we didn’t waste countless hours making a sub par recruiting video for our daughter. With Volleyball Solutions we got a professional quality video that’s sure to get her noticed. The best part was that it was frustration free! We couldn’t be happier with the product we received and the care taken by Mercedyz to get to know our family and our athlete’s needs. Thank you Volleyball Solutions!!”

– Carol (Volleyball Mom)

As the price of higher education continues to swell, many families are turning towards athletic scholarships to help afford the cost. Other athletes seek the thrill of playing their sport at the next level and will do anything to make it there.

Our videographers are some of the best in the country. They have helped countless athletes get recruited to play their sport around the country. Don’t just take our word for it, hear it straight from the athlete’s mouth.

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How It Works

Our process for providing you with an incredible recruiting video that’s sure to get the attention of those college recruiters couldn’t be more simple.

* Easy Steps

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