Tournament Field Trip

The Gist of It

Join us for a day of fun in the sun!!

Welcome! Our tournament field trips are a great way to make friends and try out playing a tournament with a supportive team and a step by step guide. Here’s what we offer on game day:

  • Expert coaches available to help you through games
  • Professional sports photographer taking action shots
  • An ABSOLUTE squad of other athletes to befriend and show support
  • Detailed information on everything you need to know to survive a beach vb tournament
  • Lunch and drinks with our Volleyball Solutions athletes
  • Friends to hang with
  • VIP seating to watch the Pros play in the finals while you sip drinks and eat snacks


Saturday June 4th from 8AM to 3PM at Siesta Key Beach(the stop time will vary depending on how you do in the tournament. The worse you do the more quickly you can crack a beer 🤠. We will be out there all day hanging out. You should expect to be committed until at least 1 or 2PM)


Siesta Key Beach (Perfect Sugar Sand!) Bathrooms, Showers, Concessions on site.

Address: 948 Beach Rd. Sarasota, FL 34242 


Free Parking on site!

For Who:

Anyone who wants to join a fun tournament group!! We will have mainly B (rec beginners), BB and A level players as part of our group because that is who we service as a club.

Beginners, if you decide you want a few classes before you’re ready for this journey. This link is to Volleyball 101 where we will teach you the basics of form, strategy and rules.

For Why:

Playing a tournament can be a tough world to navigate not to mention INTIMIDATING if you don’t know anyone or haven’t played in one before. There is a lot to know and luckily for you we are experts.

With any of our field trip packages we will not only hold your hand on parking, where to sign up, getting registered with the AVP, what to wear, what to bring, etc. We’ll ALSO introduce you to an incredible group of people who will help you feel comfortable on the court.

If you stick around for Men’s and Women’s Open finals we’ll get you VIP seating as well as access to a bunch of ballers to help you understand what is happening. They’ll also help you lose your mind at just the right plays in the game.

The Packages:

We have 3 pricing options for team registration and also offer partner pairing for solo players

Platinum Package: Team Registration, a T-shirt if you register within 7 days of event, lunch, a full game photographed by a professional photographer, & live Coaching during minimum of 2 games

Gold Package: Team registration, at least a partial game of photos taken by a professional photographer & team lunch provided

Silver Package: Team Registration, and squad hype for men’s or women’s B, BB, & A Levels

Solo Sign Up and Partner Pairing: We’ll pair you with a teammate!

Package OptionsIncluded in PackagePricing
Platinum Package– 2 Fully Coached Games With An Expert Coach
– 1 Full Game Photographed By Pro Sports Photographer
– Everything included in Gold and Silver Packages
Gold Package-At Least Partial Game Photographed By Pro Sports Photographer
-Team Lunch Provided
-Everything Included In Silver Package
Silver Package-Team Registration
-Access To Our Players Tent
-A Hyped Up Community To Support You During Games
-A Step By Step Guide On Registration, What To Wear/Bring
-VIP Seating For Open Level Finals

Platinum Package $247

With our platinum package you get it all, the friends and support, food, a full games worth of professional sports photos and coaches to walk you through your game and help you achieve the best results you are capable of. We have 3 spots for this as we have limited expert coaches available. First come first serve.

Players will get all you see below in our gold and silver packages plus coaching actively between each point during 2 of your games AND a photographer focussed on you for a full game so you can show off on social media what a badass you are!

Gold Package $127

With our gold package you’ll get to have lunch under the Volleyball Solutions tent in addition to team registration and a photographer making you the star of the show for part of a game. You’ll also get full info on the best way to be prepared for a tournament, & the full support of our club behind you! Join us and make your tournament experience one to remember!

Players will get all you see below in our additional packages in addition to lunch & partial game photography.

Silver Package $87

With our silver package you’ll get full info on the best way to be prepared for a tournament, help with registration, when to show up, and what to wear and bring. You’ll also get the full support of our club behind you! Join us and make your tournament experience one to remember!

SOLO SIGNUP Partner Pairing $57

With this option we will find a teammate for you! This option includes your portion of the registration, our partner pairing service, as well as everything you see above in our silver package. Want to add on coaching and sports photography? We’ve got you! Send us an email to

Know Your Level 🙂

REC Beginners (B Level)-Very limited experience. If you are a VB101 student with our club or a new VB201 student this may be a good place to start

BB Level- Beginners who have been playing 4-12 months in a class structured setting.

A Level- Intermediate players.

*******All team registrations are for 2 people*****


Package/DivisionLink To Register
Platinum Package Men’s A
Platinum Package Men’s BB
Platinum Package Men’s B
Platinum Package Women’s A
Platinum Package Women’s BB
Platinum Package Women’s B
Gold Package Men’s A
Gold Package Men’s BB
Gold Package Men’s B
Gold Package Women’s A
Gold Package Women’s BB
Gold Package Women’s B
Silver Package Men’s A
Silver Package Men’s BB
Silver Package Men’s B
Silver Package Women’s A
Silver Package Women’s BB
Silver Package Women’s B
Solo Signup Partner Pairing Men’s A
Solo Signup Partner Pairing Men’s BB
Solo Signup Partner Pairing Men’s B
Solo Signup Partner Pairing Women’s A
Solo Signup Partner Pairing Women’s BB
Solo Signup Partner Pairing Women’s B